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Catering Equipments Manufacturer in Gujarat

Kitchen Planning System

  • Choosing the right type of kitchen equipment for menu to be served.
  • Setting up area for receiving, storage, preparation, cooking, washing, etc.
  • Making a perfect kitchen layout plan for proper working conditions.

Manufacturing Imported Equipment

  • Preparing detailed drawings for each equipment to be manufactured.
  • Choosing the best high-quality raw materials for manufacturing.
  • We ensure proper functioning of equipment before delivery.

Cooking Range L.P. Gas Systems

  • Analyzing total amount of gas required for kitchen during peak/normal hours.
  • Calculating gas piping, valves, regulators and other fittings to be used.
  • Ensuring complete safety of L.P. Gas system.

Kitchen Exhaust Systems

  • Measuring C.F.M. required for exhaust system.
  • Preparing layout plans for exhaust system.
  • Sizing the exhaust ducting to be used.

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